Price increases for dine-in and takeaway decline at different rates

Dine-In and Takeaway Price Hikes Decline Unevenly

In the fast-food sector, price increases have been notably divergent across different categories, reflecting varied trends and challenges. According to Meaningful Vision’s comprehensive analysis, the rate of price growth has been more pronounced for dine-in and takeaway services compared to delivery, as well as for food items in contrast to beverages.

CEO Maria Vanifatova highlights the necessity for the industry to navigate economic conditions strategically, emphasizing the importance of employing diverse instruments beyond price adjustments. This includes implementing differentiated pricing strategies and leveraging market insights to sustain growth amidst evolving consumer demand.

While overall foodservice price inflation has slowed by 6% in the latter half of 2023, the disparities in price increases remain significant. Price hikes for dine-in establishments have declined from 15% in 2022 to 10% in 2023, while those for food delivery have reduced from 20% to 15% in the same period. Despite this deceleration, delivery remains more expensive than dine-in or takeaway alternatives due to the slower decline in price increases within the sector.

Further analysis reveals nuanced variations in price movements across different sub-categories. Main meal categories such as burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and meal deals have experienced significantly slower price increases compared to snacks. On the other hand, snack categories like cookies, cakes, and sweet bakery items continue to witness continued price hikes.

Moreover, regional disparities contribute to the complexity of pricing dynamics, with variations of up to 20-25% observed between different UK cities. While price increases have declined on average across regions, cities like Belfast and Manchester exhibit more rapid declines compared to others.

In conclusion, navigating the evolving landscape of fast-food pricing requires a strategic approach that takes into account sector-specific challenges and regional nuances. By leveraging insights and adopting innovative pricing strategies, industry players can effectively manage the impact of price inflation while ensuring sustained growth and customer satisfaction in 2024.

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