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Where might untapped growth potential lie for fast-food restaurants?

Following our Meaningful Vision webinar held on March 26th in collaboration with the leading hospitality media platform Propel Info, we are pleased to share insights on where untapped growth potential lies for fast – food restaurants.

Food And Beverages Price Growth in Jun-Nov 2023 vs 2022

Fast-food giants saw a 16% price growth from June to November 2023, compared with the previous year, surpassing the 13% official food and beverage inflation reported by the Office for National Statistics

Managing Holiday Menu Price Increases for a Budget-Friendly Season

Fast food price growth slows during the festive season. Christmas menu prices rise by 8%. Delivery costs increase by 4% compared to in-store prices.

Coffee Shops’ 176 Offerings and the Fast-Food Equation

Coffee shops offer a whopping 176 menu items, including 26 coffee options. They have 147 standout items that make them stand out among QSR places

Regional and City Variances in UK Outlets Location and Traffic

Meaningful Vision dives on a very granular level for each location and build a competition list specific to your requirements

Delivery or Dine-in? Let’s Break It Down!

How much are you ready to pay for delivery convenience? On average, delivery costs around 25% more on the same items!

The numbers speak volumes about the impact of Meal Deals in the QSR landscape

Crunching Numbers: Meal Deals Shine as Consumer Value Magnets

Prices on cold drinks went up by 15% in June’23

Iced Coffee: The Sip of Success in QSR Chains’ Limited Time Offers.

Pricing and Promotional Strategies in the Fast-Food Industry

The technique that has emerged as the dominant leader, making up a remarkable 69% of the total

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